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The blogosphere has quickly been gaining in popularity in recent years… and for good reason. Brands are finding that bloggers are influential in their fields and they are trusted among their readers. But, the reasons go much further than that alone. Let’s talk a little about why businesses should consider bloggers as part of their marketing strategy.

Brands and Bloggers

5 Reasons Brands and Bloggers Should Work Together

  1. Continuous Advertising – Once a blog post is published, it is forever available on the internet as long as the blog remains active. A well-written, quality content blog post can drive traffic back to your site for a long time. The fresh content of blogs keep them higher ranked in search engines, and thus a steady stream of eyes learning about your brand.
  2. Target Market – Bloggers that are established in their niche have a reader base that trusts them and looks to them for information. Their readers are loyal and often depends on their blogs as a reliable resource. Finding your target market amongst a sea of bloggers is essential to the success of your marketing campaign.
  3. Customer Engagement – Sure, your brand is on Facebook and Twitter. But, a blog post can draw conversation from audiences on several platforms. Once a post is published, a Facebook status, tweet, or Pinterest pin can instantly generate customer engagement. This, in turn, personalizes your company and draws customers into a better relationship with your brand.
  4. Research Development – Launching a new product or design can be exciting for you as a business. The customers can be eagerly awaiting the release of your upcoming concept and will begin researching. Putting your product into the hands of a few bloggers, allowing them to try it out and review it, and then listening to their feedback can be important research development. Allow the people who will be using the product to assist you in developing it.
  5. Brand Visibility – You have your fan base of customers and the blogger has theirs. Although the two groups may share common interests, a fresh audience means more brand visibility. Presenting your product to a new audience in a way they can relate to it draws their attention. Seeing it used in a real home with real people makes it believable.

Why choose Mommy Mindset Media?

Mommy Mindset Media can help your brand select your desired number of blogs and specify the criteria you are looking for to reach your target market. Our goal is to develop quality posts that will continue to lead consumers to learn about your company.

After all, we are mom bloggers so we know what works and will help match you up with the best bloggers for your needs.