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As a blogger, it’s important to have images in your posts. Let’s be honest, people are attracted to great photos. It can spice up any post. With the popularity of sites like Pinterest and Instagram, everything has gotten that much more visual these days. If you’re using a magazine-style blog theme, it becomes even more essential to improve your photography.

5 Photography Tips for Bloggers

5 Photography Tips for Bloggers

1. Learn about your light. Natural light is optimal when shooting with any camera from your iPhone to your DSLR. The best light comes from an angle rather than directly above or in front of your subject. Skipping the flash on your camera is the recommended to get the best quality photos. So study your workspace and watch how the light falls throughout the day. Buy a lightbox or make your own lightbox to help achieve a more diffused light when the natural light isn’t great.

2. Watch your composition. Don’t get crazy when putting together your shot. There is beauty in simplicity. Don’t go overboard with backdrops and accessories. And learn the rule of thirds. Just imagine that your image is divided into thirds by invisible horizontal and vertical lines. You want your subject or the focus of your shot to fall either a third of the way up or a third to the right or left.

3. Click away. Take photos from as many angles as possible. The beauty of digital cameras is that it is easy to delete the shots that don’t turn out well. Shoot from above and below. Take a few shots from each side, in front, and behind. You can even get creative and take shots through doorways and with different focal points. Place your subject in different thirds of the shot. Just shoot away!

4. Take the time to edit. Even if you take the most brilliant shot with fabulous natural light, a little editing might just add a little something extra to your photo. Adding a bit of contrast to a photo can make it pop. But keep it simple. Don’t go overboard here either. If you’re featuring a product for a brand, you don’t want to distract from the subject of the photo with crazy editing effects.

5. Watermark your images. Take the time watermark your photos. By adding your watermark, you may deter people from snagging your photos off your blog without your permission. Whether you use a graphic from your blog or a simple text watermark, just take a few moments to add one. You can do it easily using PicMonkey. If you’re creating pinnable images to be shared on Pinterest this is especially important!

So take some time and practice with your camera. It doesn’t matter how basic your camera is or how fancy, you can take great photos! Oh, and don’t be afraid to show them off. When you include images in your blog posts, make them large! Go big or go home! Be sure to use the entire width of your content area. Larger photos are more eye-catching!

Now go take some photos!