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Product Review Campaigns

A product review campaign is one of the most cost efficient ways to spread the world and build buzz about your product. Women, moms specifically, are proven to be powerful forces in work of mouth marketing. As part of a product review campaign, Mommy Mindset Media bloggers will test out your product and write honest reviews including personal, high quality photos.

Why choose Mommy Mindset Media?
We offer flat rate per blog packaging pricing. For a flat rate, you select your desired number of blogs and specify the criteria you are looking for:

  • Monthly Pageviews
  • Monthly Unique Visitors
  • Social Media following
  • Google Page Rank
  • ages of children
  • location
  • and more…

Blogger Recruitment Services

Mommy Mindset Media provides blogger recruitment services. With each project we will work to best fit your needs. We will:

  • match your campaign with our most qualified bloggers
  • gather shipping addresses of all bloggers participating in your campaign
  • provide bloggers with detailed instructions for the campaign posts, collect and verify post links and social media promotion links, and provide click through information on trackable links.

You can also add a product review component to your product review campaign for a small additional fee. A product giveaway is one of the most successful ways to increase your social media following and potentially increase exposure for your product.

Larger custom brand ambassador campaigns can be developed to meet your needs as well.